South Bay Region of San Diego County

Situated directly between downtown San Diego and the U.S.-Mexican border, Chula Vista is a city located in the South Bay region of San Diego County. As of 2013 it had a healthy population of 256,780, making it the second-largest city by population in the San Diego metropolitan area.

The name Chula Vista is roughly translated from Spanish to “pretty view,” and the city was named for its scenic setting between the mountainous coastal foothills and the glistening San Diego Bay.

Chula Vista’s municipal government is run by a mayor and four council members who are elected at-large by residents. The official web page lists four values the council adheres to: commitment, integrity, accountability and achievement. The San Diego County Superior Court is housed in Chula Vista, located at 500 3rd Ave.

Like the rest of San Diego, Chula Vista is rich with Spanish heritage. The first settlers arrived in the area in the late 1700s, and the very land that is now the bustling city is a historic part of a land grant that was established in 1795. That culture still thrives today, and there are many attractions that showcase the city’s historic values.

The Chula Vista Heritage Museum tells the story of the city’s development throughout the years, and the local schools regularly embrace Mexican folklore through song and dance.