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At the Law Offices of Daniel M. Little, our attorneys work under the belief that our clients deserve to be well taken care of no matter their situation. We have years of practice and experience under our belts, and we know what benefits our clients the most when drafting a comprehensive estate plan or working through business administration matters and agreements. From wills, trusts, conservatorships, guardianships and powers of attorney to business contracts and agreements, we can meet your every need.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney | Chula Vista | The Law Offices of Daniel M. LittleWe are one of the few firms in San Diego County that has extensive experience in all areas of estate planning. When it comes to creating a document that will cover all of your concerns and protect all of your assets, we know what to look for so there are no holes in your plan. What will happen tomorrow is uncertain, but it doesn’t have to be worrisome. When you enlist our services we’ll walk you through every step of the estate planning process and draft every document you need to secure your future.

Whether you need a will, trust, power of attorney or health care directive, we have you covered. We can also help you with conservatorships and guardianships.

Guiding You Through Probate

Probate is the process in which a person’s estate is administered and distributed to beneficiaries following his or her death. It can be a stressful process, laden with countless documents and stages that are probably the last thing you want to think about following the loss of a loved one. The Law Offices of Daniel M. Little has probated hundreds of cases throughout the years, and we know what to anticipate so you don’t have to. Along with probate administration, we handle inheritance, successions and even trust litigation and will disputes.

San Diego’s Trusted Conservatorship and Guardianship Firm

A conservatorship is when a person is designated and given special permissions to act legally on the behalf of another individual when he or she becomes incapacitated. When a person is rendered helpless but has not already drafted an estate plan dictating what to do in the case of incapacitation, the courts will step in to give decision-making rights to another person or organization. You don’t want the government to make decisions for you if you become unable to do so. Similarly, a guardianship is designed to protect minors and their inheritance or assets, including property and/or custody. We can help you get started with a conservatorship or guardianship as part of your estate plan, and help you determine what is in the best interest of you and your family.

Business Administration and Agreements

Business Administration Attorney | Chula Vista | The Law Offices of Daniel M. LittleBusiness administration can be a complex legal matter, depending on the nature of the enterprise. In all cases, however, agreements between parties should always be in writing if there is any intention to enforce them. While oral agreements may be enforceable in some limited circumstances, the terms will almost always be ambiguous and difficult to prove, and protecting your business’ rights under such an agreement becomes a much more complicated matter legally and financially.

The skilled lawyers at the Law Offices of Daniel M. Little are aware of these complications, and we have experience dealing with various types of business administration and agreements. As former Division Counsel for General Dynamics West Coast region, attorney Daniel Little has been involved in a wide array of contract drafting, negotiations, and administration, making the firm ideal for owners of small or medium sized businesses.

If you’re seeking assistance with drafting legal documents, contracts or agreements, look no further than our firm. Several of our lawyers have working experience in business administration and management, and know what to look for when solidifying an agreement.


There are several types of contracts and agreements your business may be looking into. Each serve a specific purpose and can have serious consequences for your business if they aren’t properly drafted or assessed. Below are some of the areas our attorneys can help you with:

Breach of Contract

A breach of contract occurs when one party, without legal excuse, fails to perform any promise made to another party that has been outlined in the contract upon creation. One or both parties may try to have the terms of the contract enforced or try to recover financial harm that may have been a result of the breach. When a resolution can’t be reached amicably the issue may go to court, costing both parties time and money.

Defense Contracts

A defense contract is an agreement entered into by government contractors or subcontractors, typically for the protection of materials or services for national defense. The terms are usually governed by a statutory regulation such as the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

Federal Contracts

Federal contracts are agreements created between an individual or business and the federal government. They are usually governed by specific regulations that can differ significantly from commercial contracts. We can help you understand the differences and avoid mistakes.

Buy-Sell Agreements

A buy-sell agreement is a legally-binding contract among business owners that determines how ownership interests are to be handled in the event of retirement, death or incapacity of one of the owners. Every business needs one, and a well-written buy-sell agreement will help avoid any misunderstandings in the future when such issues need to be addressed.

Misleading Business Solicitations

If you are representing a business, you should be aware of deceptive solicitations sent by companies implying that you must go through a private, third-party vendor in order to file official documents with the California Secretary of State. This isn’t necessary, and if you do go through a third party you’re sure to pay unnecessary exorbitant fees. Always seek the assistance of a trusted California business lawyer when filing official documents.

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

A corporation or limited liability company (LLC) are legal entities separate from their shareholders or owners. There are defining legal rights and obligations of the corporation or LLC, including the ability to sue and be sued, the ability to hold assets in its own name, the ability to hire employees, the ability to sign contracts and the ability to create rules that govern its internal affairs. One of the primary reasons to establish a corporation or LLC is to limit your personal liability in the event of a lawsuit. If you have additional questions, feel free to call the Law Office of Daniel M. Little at (619) 656-8848.

California Business Lawyers You Can Trust

A properly drafted and signed agreement will clearly set forth the rights and obligations of each party, taking the guesswork and ambiguity out of the business relationship. More importantly, a valid agreement is much more likely to be enforceable should it ever be breached. Call the knowledgeable business lawyers at the Law Offices of Daniel M. Little to help you handle your business documents and contracts. We’ll put years of practice to work for you so you can ensure your business will run smoothly and have plenty of room to grow.

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Whether you’ve been thinking about getting your assets together and want to start drafting your comprehensive estate plan or you’re in need of business agreement assistance, the Law Offices of Daniel M. Little is at your service. Our lawyers have years of practice helping clients just like you handle all of their legal matters so they can rest easy knowing everything is properly taken care of. We have served all of San Diego County for more than 25 years, and we’d be glad to assist you with all of your estate planning or business administration needs. Call us today at (619) 656-8848 or stop by our offices, conveniently located in North County and the heart of Eastlake.

At the Law Offices of Daniel M. Little we can help with all of your estate planning or business administration needs. Call us today at (619) 656-8848 to get started, or schedule an appointment at our offices in Chula Vista, California and North County in San Diego.